Use your iPhone as a Document Camera with the Articulating Video Stand


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Whether you are teaching a class or presenting at a meeting the Articulating Video Stand when combined with your iPhone can create a stable and high quality document camera.  All you need is the Articulating Video Stand, iPhone device, VGA convertor, and projector.  Connect your iPhone device to any projector with a VGA Convertor and using the Articulating Video Stand easily position your iPhone parallel to your document.  And with IPEVO’s free Presenter App unlock the full capability of your iPhone’s HD camera, making presenting that much easier.


  • You can purchase the VGA Converter at the Apple Store.
  • Combining your iPhone and Articulating Video Stand and connecting them to a TV or monitor can create a great display for users with vision impairments.

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Will it support a bigger iphone as a bigger iphone 6 is coming out.

Hello Felix,

Articulating Video Stand provides ideal grip and support for iPhone 4/5. Phones with screen of 4.7″ and below are supported, and devices up to size of 5.43″ x 2.72″ x 0.39″ (138 x 69 x 10mm) and weight under 0.33 lbs (150g) can be securely grappled by Articulating Video Stand. We will probably test it out when iPhone 6 is out, but as for now we are not sure if iPhone 6 will fit or not.

My vivitek dlp projector will not show info from my iphone 4. I have the correct vga adapter.

Any suggestions?

Thanks need it for teaching asap

Hello Renee,

Not sure what vga adapter do you have, but please make sure the projector’s resolution setting matches with the ones your iPhone supports. If you are not sure which one please cycle through all of them. Last but not least, if you have the Apple adapter, you should try contact them for tech support.

I’m using your app and iPhone stand in my classroom. It’d be really nice to have control over white balance – for now, the image displayed is typically a bit darker than the actual document cameras that I have used.

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