The Art of Blending-When learning, playing and technology come successfully together


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What happens when learning, playing and technology come successfully together? The result — Masters of Play x IPEVO, a collaboration between Finland based artist Arlene Tucker and IPEVO Inc. Masters of Play is a workshop designed and conducted personally by Arlene with the aim of integrating New Media with Performance and Drawing using technology. Arlene has long been an avid user of IPEVO products, as she loves the ease of use and the portability. And with much honor, IPEVO invited Arlene to Taiwan this summer, bringing with her the much anticipated Masters of Play workshop, which was held over 5 days with 16 participants aged 7 or below.
This is not the first collaboration between IPEVO and Arlene, the first being Dear You international art exchange program, which revolved around classroom-to-classroom artwork sharing and cultural exchanges between countries using IPEVO technology. And this time round, Arlene seeks to further enrich her Masters of Play workshop and entice her young participants by incorporating the positive use of IPEVO technology. So let’s take a look at how Arlene did it!

A new drawing medium — IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System

Drawing is a big part of this workshop — drawing is fun, and drawing helps bring out the inner artists of the young participants and allows them to freely express their thoughts.

Besides encouraging and letting the participants to draw using conventional mediums such as paintbrush, crayons, color pencils, watercolors or ink throughout the workshop, Arlene took the step further by introducing a new drawing medium to them — IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System. The IW2 is a 3-piece device consisting a Sensor Cam, Interactive Pen and Wireless Receiver, and when used together with a PC or Mac and a projector, it could turn most any surface interactive, changing the surface into an interactive whiteboard instantly.


And setting IW2 up is easy, it only takes a couple of minutes. For detailed instructions on setting IW2 up, please refer to the following video tutorial

For a start, Arlene would like the participants to familiarize themselves with the IW2. Hence, Arlene set up the IW2, pulled up the free IPEVO Annotator software, projected a world map onto the projection screen, do a quick introduction on Finland, and invited the participants to draw what they thought the flight route from Finland to Taiwan would be like using the Interactive Pen of IW2.


Arlene giving a short introduction on Finland

The young participants were really engaged, their responses were overwhelming, and they came up with all sorts of different, interesting flight routes. They even used the different colors available in the Annotator software to color code their respective flight routes.


Look at my flight routes!


Choosing colors for flight routes

And in no time, all the participants had gotten the hang of using IW2.
Further down the line, Arlene projected pictures of the participants (taken throughout the workshop) onto the screen, and challenged them to think out of the box by turning their original pictures into something different through adding drawings onto the pictures using IW2. It was amazing to see how creative and imaginative these young kids were: some of them fancifully decorated their pictures with wings or feelers, turning themselves into butterflies or bees; some changed the colors of their skin and clothing to their likings, and some added hats and shades for a summer look. It was magical for the kids to see their appearances changed within simple touches, and they really enjoyed this newfound medium of drawing.



Turning iPads into interactive drawing canvas with IPEVO Whiteboard app

Although the IW2 was a big attraction, there was only one projection screen available for one participant to use it at a time. Hence, in order to ensure that all the participants had their fair chance with IW2, taking turns was necessary. This was when Arlene divided the participants into smaller groups of three or four, and handed out iPads to those groups who were not using the IW2.

Prior to handing out the iPads, Arlene had the same set of pictures (of the participants) transferred to the iPads. In addition, IPEVO Whiteboard app was also installed on the iPads. As the Whiteboard app is a free app for iPad and Android Tablet that allows users to draw, annotate and add text directly onto blank “whiteboards” or live images coming from sources such as a connected IPEVO document camera, iPad’s real-time camera image, or a Photo Library image, with this app installed, the participants could achieve the same magical drawing effects on the iPads as with the IW2.

And the results? The young participants were similarly enticed.


Drawing on iPads with the IPEVO Whiteboard app

This proved to be another innovative way for the participants to have a hands-on experience with interactive drawing using IPEVO technology.

Going beyond documents with iZiggi-HD wireless document camera

Just as Arlene opened the minds of the young participants with new drawing medium, it was also an eye-opener for us to see how Arlene stretched the use of IPEVO iZiggi-HD wireless document cam. iZigg-HD is a wireless doc cam designed to connect wirelessly to iPad, Android Tablet, PC or Mac, giving you the freedom to capture and present materials anywhere in the classroom, office, or out on a field trip.

With this “freedom” in mind, Arlene went beyond the usual way of using iZiggi-HD to capture documents or share participants’ artworks to capturing the real-time actions and reactions of the participants for an on-going activity. First, Arlene had a Macbook set up with the IW2, then she had an iZiggi-HD connected wirelessly to the same Macbook, and finally, she pointed the iZiggi-HD at the participants during one of the activities. There was a wave of excitement and anticipation as the kids looked amusingly at their own live images being projected onto the projection screen.


I saw myself on the screen!

Instructions were then given for them to work together as a group to form different shapes while keeping their hands held together.


Thinking how to form the required shapes

At the same time, iZiggi-HD was used to capture the whole process and to stream their live action onto the projection screen. And once they had successfully formed the required shape, Arlene started to draw on their projected live images using the IW2. They were immediately turned into raindrops, apples trees and much more. Excitement grew, and the kids added an extra element of interactivity by making faces and jumping about, creating “smiling” raindrops and “jumping” apples.


We are an apple tree!

The kids also had their turn to draw, expressing their creativity by changing their fellow participants into something dramatically different. It was definitely one of the highlights of the workshop!

Throughout the 5 days of workshop, it was heartening for both Arlene and for us at IPEVO to see that learning, playing and technology can indeed integrate seamlessly and successfully, as long as we have the right blend of all three elements. And so we called this success – “The Art of Blending”.

How IPEVO Can Better Enhance Your Coloring Books Experience


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The recent meteoric rise in the sales of adult coloring books is proving that coloring is fast gaining popularity among adults, tapping into our desire to fend off the stresses of daily life. And no matter whether you are enjoying coloring as a personal relaxation session or coming together as a group to unwind, there’s always a way that an IPEVO document camera can better enhance your experience. So, to all coloring book converts out there, read on and find out more.

Reduce Stress on Your Eyes

We do coloring after a hectic day to help relax our mind, but how about our eyes? With hours already spent during the day staring at computer screens or mobile phones, we are adding more strain to our eyes as we squint to color those intricate drawings in the late hours. This is when an IPEVO doc cam comes in super handy. Connect an IPEVO doc cam to a computer, use it as a kind of magnifying glass to zoom in on the specific portions that you wish to work on, and that live view will be immediately streamed to your computer screen. And voila! In an instance, everything becomes bigger and clearer, meaning you don’t have to squint your eyes anymore! Finally, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Quality Control

Talking about quality control, let’s admit it. Some of us are definitely coloring books enthusiasts who can get quite serious with, and even taking pride in our coloring. As a matter of fact, we know that adult drawings can get very intricate, but it’s a No-No to draw outside the lines. It’s also a No-No to leave blank spaces in between. Besides providing an enlarged image for you to work on, an IPEVO doc cam also double up as a quality control “inspector” by allowing you to easily point and zoom on specific portions to check for precise and tight coloring. And yes, you’ve that quality totally under control.


Seniors Can Enjoy Their Turn Too

No worries even if you are a grandpa or grandma with fading eyesight. With a helping hand from the IPEVO wireless doc cam iZiggi-HD and an iPad, you too will be able to enjoy the relaxing and calming effects of coloring. Simply connect the iZiggi-HD wirelessly to your iPad, place the iZiggi-HD alongside your coloring books, and you will see the live view of the intricate drawings on the iPad. To achieve a bigger and clearer view, use the pinch zoom and drag features of the iPad for adjustments. And once you’ve a comfortable view, start enjoying! For a more ergonomically viewing position, consider placing the iPad on an IPEVO PadPillow.


Ease of Sharing

As they say, “good things are meant to be shared”, and that’s why people are getting together for group coloring events to share tips and laud the mental benefits of coloring sessions. And the best part of a coloring group is that you can share your drawings in real time and receive immediate feedback. Throw in an IPEVO doc cam and it will make that sharing instantly available to all of your coloring pals. Instead of your pals crowding around your drawings or hovering over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of them, you can now stream your drawings onto a computer screen, TV or even a projection screen with a projector. You can even save the hassle of passing your coloring books around and yet achieve the same “around the table sharing” by using the iZiggi-HD doc cam wirelessly with an iPad. Your pals can take turns to look at your drawings through the iPad. Finally when you are all ready, utilize the multi-jointed swing arm of any IPEVO doc cam to position it at the best height and distance to capture the perfect shot of your drawings. And now, your drawings are ready to go viral.



Make Your Tips and Techniques Sharing Interactive

Well, what’s a coloring group like without some tips and techniques sharing time? Who’s not in the favor of learning the perfect flick or “Tip to Tip” technique to get the desired shading effects, or mastering the fine strokes to layer and blend the colors? With IPEVO doc cams, these sharing are made visually available for all, and even interactive. If you have a computer, the Ziggi-HDs are useful for streaming live demonstrations onscreen. If you have a projector for big screen projection, go for the VZ-1 HD that comes with a VGA mode. If you have iPads lying around, use them with the iZiggi-HD and your pals are able to view the demonstrations directly on the iPads. They can even make their own notes by drawing or annotating onto the live view using the IPEVO Whiteboard App without affecting the ongoing demonstrations!


So whether it’s a personal stress relieving activity or a group coloring session, IPEVO’s family of doc cams are the perfect tools to enhance the experience.

Coloring Books for Adults? Yes! 5 Ways IPEVO Can Help


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A recent phenomenon is proving that coloring books aren’t just for preschoolers. As major outlets like the New York Times and Huffington Post have reported, coloring books are coming back in a big way, and adults have embraced the notion of coloring intricate black-and-white drawings.

Why? Coloring is relaxing and a stress-reliever, allowing us to slow down in our hectic modern world. It’s also a great creative outlet no matter who you are. Finally, it’s a social activity. People are uploading their completed images to social media, and adults have even gotten together for “coloring circles” to spend an afternoon or night with friends.

So if you’re a coloring book convert, let’s talk about the perfect tool for all your activities — an IPEVO document camera like the Ziggi-HD, VZ-1, or the wireless iZiggi-HD. Here are 5 ways you can use a versatile IPEVO doc cam to make your creative time even better:

1. Sharing your work on social media — If you’ve spent hours on your work, you don’t want to upload a shabby, poorly-framed picture. An IPEVO doc cam’s multi-jointed swing-arm and other features make it easy to get the exact framing you need for the perfect shot. Plus, with stuff like manual focus and adjustable exposure, you have even more tools to get it “just right.”

2. Keep it precise — Adult drawings can get very intricate, and it’s easy to draw outside the lines. As we remember from preschool, that’s a No-No! But you can use an IPEVO doc cam as a kind of magnifying glass, zooming in on specific portions to make sure your coloring is tight and precise.


3. No blank spaces — For all the completionists out there, we know that blank spaces are also a No-No. So use that same handy zoom feature to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

4. Serious quality control — Enthusiasts get serious about their coloring books. Some have suggested checking your work with multiple snapshots or even with light boxes. But why go to the trouble of checking snapshots when you have real-time video for immediate feedback? An IPEVO doc cam can instantly show you what’s up — no eye-straining light boxes required. Then, when you’re finally ready, the doc cam is ready to capture that glorious high-rez picture.


5. Coloring circles — It’d be fun to get together and color, right? So why not share your work the best way with an IPEVO doc cam? Instead of your half-dozen friends crowding around your drawing, you can stream your image onto a computer screen, a TV screen, or even onto a projection screen with a projector. Now that’s some seriously awesome coloring circle tech that’ll be sure to impress.


So whether you’re a hardcore coloring book hobbyist or just thinking of getting started, remember that IPEVO could lend a big hand for not a whole lot of money.

4 Reasons Why Document Cameras Are Shining in Education


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More and more educators are embracing the document camera as part of their ed tech arsenal. Here’s why.
There are a dizzying array of options for educators looking to embrace ed tech. But with budgets only stretching so far, teachers and IT administrators have to be choosy about which devices are right for them. Here are four reasons why many educators are choosing document cameras as the “go to” tech in their classrooms.

The Master of Multitasking


For the uninitiated, document cameras capture documents, textbooks, 3D objects, artwork, and devices with screens (like a phone or iPad), and then stream real-time video to a computer or other device. With a computer-projector or computer-TV combo, teaching material can be presented for an entire classroom.

We already touched on the wide range of media a doc cam can capture — everything from handwritten math equations to science experiments to paintings to phone app tutorials. This feature alone vaults doc cams into official “versatile” status. But outside of the different media, just consider a doc cam’s multitude of uses in a classroom/educational setting.

Doc cams can be used like web cameras for distance learning, tutoring, cross-cultural exchanges, and e-learning videos. They can be outfitted with a microscope adapter for science class. They can enlarge text for the visually impaired. They can act as surveillance cameras for long-term classroom projects, like incubating eggs and waiting for them to hatch. And they can be used for edutainment — everything from Jeopardy!-style trivia to picture games for preschoolers. The doc cam’s multitasking capability makes it an attractive fit for teachers at all different levels of education.

The Price is Right


The era of the bulky and expensive overhead projectors is gone, and a new generation of affordable document cameras has made this technology very accessible for teachers with tight budgets. The IPEVO-brand line of document cameras, for example, range from a mere $69 for the Point 2 View USB doc cam to $159 for the wireless iZiggi-HD doc cam. That’s a far cry from the hundreds of even thousands of dollars you could spend on overhead projectors or the older generation of doc cams. Considering the uses described above, the “bang for the buck” factor is off the charts.

Ease of Use

On a related note, many modern doc cams are extremely simple to use, and they certainly don’t need special training like the ed tech devices of yesteryear. They also don’t need expensive software (and expensive upgrades to that software), and they don’t require regular maintenance. This out-of-the-box simplicity means that there are no hidden costs of ownership. It also means that even younger students can use these doc cams just as readily as their teachers.

Teachers have long been tempted by “the next new thing” which turns out to be frustratingly difficult to use or too limited for any kind of real-world application. Education technology is only worth it when it can be used, quickly and effectively. Otherwise, it just gathers dust on a shelf! And that is certainly not the case for document cameras, which see regular use — day in and day out.

Portability and Mobility

The stereotypical image of a teacher glued to the chalkboard and lecturing with a pointer — as his or her students passively look on — is becoming a relic of the past. We now know that both teachers and students benefit from “breaking the mold” and finding new ways to interact, both with each other and with the material. One-on-one sessions, breaking off into small groups, sharing student work with the class, and active student participation at the board are just a few of the ways educators are innovating in order to increase engagement.

Given this emerging trend toward a fluid and mobile learning environment, ed tech devices need to be similarly nimble. And again, the new-gen doc cams are equipped to shine. These doc cams are portable and lightweight, and are intended to be easy to carry and transport. In the IPEVO Point 2 View’s case, the camera and stand together weigh only a little more than one pound! So whether it’s swapping desks, swapping classrooms, or taking a field trip, most doc cams are more than up to the task.

Naturally, the document camera is best as one tool in a teacher’s toolkit, and educators always need to weigh their needs against the available budget. But as we’ve seen, there are several good reasons why teachers are utilizing the document camera as an essential piece of tech for the modern classroom.

App Developers – Develop with iZiggi-HD and Earn a Chance to Get Yours FREE!


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iZiggi-HD – the affordable, wireless document camera for PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets – has revolutionized the way educators and businesspeople share their material. But we think iZiggi-HD’s versatility can be taken one step further. That’s why we’ve developed the iZiggi API and iZiggi SDK especially for app developers.

Read on for how you can win a free document camera just for developing your app with iZiggi-HD.

Are you an app developer who makes use of a device’s built-in camera? You or your users may have already experienced the frustrations and limitations of this camera. Fixed angle, fixed height, and restricted functionality can all negatively impact what your app can do, and what users can do with your app.

That’s why we developed iZiggi API as well as iZiggi SDK. Whether you’re developing for PC, Mac, iOS, or Android tablets, you can use our straightforward kit to seamlessly integrate iZiggi-HD into your app in no time. Give your users all the benefits of choosing a second camera source, and your app is sure to enjoy a whole new level of utility. Users can take advantage of iZiggi-HD’s full-featured camera, multi-jointed swing-arm, and wireless freedom to do even more with your app. Here are just a few examples we came up with, but creative devs like yourself are sure to come up with more.


Integrating iZiggi-HD into Your Apps


Interested in learning more? Head over to our iZiggi API Developer page for more of the nuts and bolts. And if your gears are already turning with ideas for how to use iZiggi-HD in your app, tell us about it and earn a chance to win your very own iZiggi-HD Doc Cam!


Staying Connected to the Internet with iZiggi-HD – a Video Tutorial


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Are you familiar with the IPEVO iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera? It uses your existing WiFi connection to wirelessly stream real-time video of documents, 3D objects and more right to your computer or tablet.

That’s all great, but here’s a big question many people have had – Can my computer or tablet still connect to the Internet while connected to iZiggi-HD? YES! But it does take a couple of steps.

To make it simple for you to connect to the Internet while using iZiggi-HD, we’ve created two brief videos, one for computers (PC & Mac) and one for tablets (both iPad and Android). If you own an iZiggi-HD and have been wondering about connecting to the Internet, these are the videos for you.

For PC and Mac users:


For iPad and Android tablet users:

How iZiggi-HD is Changing Arts in the Classroom


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Art is a visual medium. And when you’re teaching art for an entire classroom of students, sharing different types of artwork can be a problem. That’s why more and more art teachers are turning to the IPEVO iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera to present their work in glorious HD. iZiggi-HD is small and it’s wireless, meaning you can place it most anywhere, and it’s definitely not a budget breaker. Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of the doc cam in action.

Here’s Mrs. Smith’s art class in Black River Middle School. While Mrs. Smith is at her desk drawing with models, she’s using iZiggi-HD to capture every stroke. The real-time video is wirelessly streamed to her students’ iPad. And voila! Now each child can get a close-up view of the fine details. The need to hover over the teacher’s shoulder is over. Check out the full video:


And how about Mrs. Allain’s class in Schenectady, NY? Here’s what she had to say about her use of iZiggi-HD:

“We can share the same visual experience from any seat in the classroom and it has made the learning accessible to all of the students. The kids have responded so well to the use of the camera for reading stories and viewing illustrations, examining art work, and observing demonstrations while drawing, painting, and sculpting.”



Meanwhile, Mrs. Rondeau in Altoona, IA has found that iZiggi-HD can help make art lessons more accessible to students with vision limitations:

“I have several students with vision limitations that make it difficult for them to look back & forth between their work and the big screen. While still projecting the image for the whole class, I can connect iPads to the iZiggi’s WiFi and those students can see the same thing much closer to their eyes.”



Mrs. Piety in Saint Paul, MN emphasizes the way iZiggi-HD has enhanced group collaboration and activities:

“I was able to move the camera from group to group, and thus minimize the amount of distraction due to transitioning an entire group of middle school children from one part of the room to the other. The kids were able to share what they were working on as a group, garner feedback, and adjust their practices as needed. I especially loved when the kids were able to provide direction to groups in “real time.”



BONUS: Music Class! Who said all art was visual? In the case of this Fargo, ND band teacher, students’ music has been made visual by projecting musical scores. He had this to say:

“It has changed my teaching! Students now see visually what I am trying to tell them. They see it in context and it is amazing to see everyone in the band improve their own playing based on the feedback given to others.”


Have your own story to share? How do you think the iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera would change your art or music class? Let us know!

How to Think Outside the Box with IPEVO Doc Cams


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If your classroom curriculum has become stale, a document camera might be just the thing to reinvigorate your lessons, increase student engagement, and deliver new perspectives on conventional subject matters. IPEVO has several affordable doc cams to choose from, including the nimble and ultra-affordable Point 2 View USB Document Camera at only $69, or the wireless wonder iZiggi-HD at $159 which connects to PC, Mac and iPad without a wired connection. Let’s explore the Twitterverse and see what other educators have been up to with their IPEVO doc cams.

The user-friendly Point 2 View is perfectly at home with younger learners. Shapes, measurements, colors, picture books, parts of speech – most everything can come alive with projected real-time video.

Here’s something that’s totally out-of-the-box (literally) — a LEGO stop-motion art project. How much fun would that be to involve everyone with such an ambitious undertaking?

But don’t think that the Point 2 View is just for our youngest learners. Here, some serious stuff is being projected and collaborated upon with a doc cam and MS OneNote:

And on the topic of pairing doc cams with other technology, check out this innovator who used a GoPro camera with WiFi and mirroring software to project his work.

Of course, using doc cams can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Let’s get back down to basics by sharing the simple written page for everyone’s benefit:

And remember: whether it’s the $69 Point 2 View USB Doc Cam or the $159 iZiggi-HD Wireless Doc Cam, educators are the real difference-makers. Technology, like other tools, just helps you do your thing!

Smile! How iZiggi-HD is Helping Patients in the Dentist’s Office


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Dr. Hatti is a dentist from Japan who needed a better way to share teeth X-rays with his patients. He found a clever solution to his clinic’s problem courtesy of the IPEVO iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera.

“A few key features of iZiggi-HD interested me with respect to sharing X-rays,” Dr. Hatti told us. “iZiggi can be connected wirelessly via WiFi, so I don’t have to shuffle it between computers. That’s a real advantage for me because I see different patients in a single large room throughout the day. I can walk between patients freely without having to deal with wires. iZiggi-HD is also compatible with iPad, which is a big plus because I’ve found that the iPad Mini 2 is an appropriate size to show patients visual material.”

Once Hatti captures a patient’s teeth on X-ray film, he lays it on a flat light box (for proper illumination) and then positions the iZiggi-HD camera in order to capture the X-ray. Via the IPEVO Whiteboard app and iZiggi-HD’s WiFi capability, the live image feed is displayed on iPad for the patient to view. Dr. Hatti experimented with a few different camera setups in order to find the best way to capture the film, as he explains.

“Because iZiggi-HD has a Macro mode, I’ve found that the best distance between the camera and the X-ray film is about 5 to 6 centimeters,” Dr. Hatti said. “At this distance, a large and detailed image is possible, which of course is crucial to show patients a detailed X-ray of their teeth. I can then use the iPad to zoom the captured image to the desired size without affecting resolution. iZiggi-HD’s 2.0 Megapixel camera produces clear, sharp images even for X-ray film, which frankly surprised me.”

Here’s a screenshot that Dr. Hatti took of an X-ray presented on the iPad Mini. Looking good!


Another advantage of this setup had to do with saving space. “iZiggi-HD doesn’t take up a lot of space – its base is smaller than an iPhone 6,” Dr. Hatti said. “This is ideal because space is already at such a premium in the room where I treat patients. The whole setup with iZiggi-HD and the light box only takes up a 30x20cm space on my table.”


Dr. Hatti also finds it useful to draw on the X-ray image in order to point out areas of interest. Here, the IPEVO Whiteboard app comes in very handy.

“With Whiteboard, I can draw and annotate right on top of the film image with simple tools,” said Dr. Hatti. “I can also save a screenshot of the annotated image for reference as part of the patient’s record.”


Dr. Hatti summed up his experience with the iZiggi-HD in this way: “The best thing about iZiggi-HD is that it allows my patients to view their X-rays instantaneously. iZiggi-HD’s WiFi wireless capability and the portable nature of iPad all combine to let me quickly and easily share these images without any hassle or wired connection. Given how it performs for me in the office day in and day out, iZiggi-HD is an unbelievable deal!”

The IPEVO iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera is now available from the IPEVO Online Store.

View Original Article:

Helping Visually Impaired Students with an IPEVO Doc Cam


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We’ve gotten lots of feedback from teachers asking how IPEVO doc cams can help their visually impaired students in the classroom. Let’s discuss some simple setups that could help your students see teaching material better.

Doc Cam and Computer

Capturing teaching material (like what’s written on the whiteboard) and then displaying it on a computer screen is one solution that might work for your classroom.

1. Connect one of IPEVO’s document cameras, like the Point 2 View or Ziggi-HD, to your student’s computer via USB.


2. Launch the IPEVO Presenter software, then enter Full Screen mode.


3. Now your student can watch live video of your lesson on their own screen. Use Presenter’s 6x digital zoom to get even closer. You can even record video for later using the new version of Presenter.


VZ-1 and a Monitor

If you have a monitor (or TV) but not a spare computer, don’t worry. Use the VZ-1 Dual Mode Doc Cam to display material, particularly small print.

1. Plug in your VZ-1 Doc Cam and press the Power button.


2. Connect your VGA cable to VZ-1, then connect the cable to your monitor’s VGA input.


3. Now real-time video will appear on the monitor. But keep in mind you can’t record video in this setup, and there’s no digital zoom.


iZiggi-HD and iPad

The iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera streams wirelessly right to iPad, so this setup might be the most versatile. If you have iPads in the classroom, this could be the solution for you.

1. Turn on iZiggi-HD.


2. In iPad, tap Settings, then tap Wi-Fi. Choose iZiggi-HD from the available networks. Now iZiggi-HD and iPad are communicating.

3. Download and run the free IPEVO Whiteboard app from the App Store. Captured images from iZiggi-HD will be displayed in Whiteboard.


4. Your student can hold iPad for a clear and personal view of material. They can even pinch zoom for a closer view.


iZiggi-HD, iPad and a Monitor

If you feel like the iPad screen might be too small, you can also connect iPad and iZiggi-HD to an LCD monitor.

1. Follow the “iZiggi-HD and iPad” steps above.
2. Connect iPad to your monitor using an adapter.


3. Now iZiggi-HD’s video will be displayed on iPad and mirrored on your monitor.


As you can see, there are many options available to you depending on the needs of your visually impaired students, your available technology, your room setup, and your budget. Choose the solution that’s best for you. You can also consider using IPEVO’s IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System for your visually impaired students, which is covered in our IS-01 entry. Whatever you choose, IPEVO is ready to help everyone in class see and understand your material.