Top 11 Style Tips for Your Summer Reading


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Would you believe a pillow stand will make you look (and feel) like the coolest, most put-together summer reader ever? It will. Trust us.

1. Horizontal is In
You may have heard that vertical is in. That’s so 2008. Get horizontal and support your book in any position — to the envy of all your frenemies.


2. Moisturize
Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to– Oh, wait, I have an extra hand free because of my cool pillow stand.


3. Choose the Right Colors
You can’t just tell people how good you are at expressing your individuality. You have to show people.

PadPillow 03

4. Find a Form That Suits You
The “sideways sit” should only be attempted with a versatile pillow stand and 1 to 2 years of dedicated study at a European fashion house.


5. Mix It Up
Will you choose book, tablet, Kindle or magazine? The answer is: Yes. You simply can’t be caught dead with just one type of reading material.


6. Make Your Accessories Work
Before the pillow stand, the world of tablet computing and the world of drinking could never collide. Forget all you know, or think you know.


7. Take Full Advantage of Textures
And by “textures,” I mean the amazing feeling of sand between your toes as you laze away the day.

PadPillow 07

8. Layers, Layers, Layers
I mean, seriously. A stand that conforms to your lap? The only thing better is pairing that with the classic boyfriend headrest.

PadPillow 08

9. Define Your Look, Not the Other Way Around
Because television is such a critical darling nowadays, you’ll always look intelligent and “with it” when you make the switch between your book and catching up on Breaking Bad.

PadPillow 09

10. Be Serious About Your Fun
You deserve it all — the great outdoors, comfy lounging, and multimedia entertainment at a proper viewing angle. This much fun requires your serious face.


11. Know Where to Shop
You can get the PadPillow Stand in 6 different colors from Think of it as foam couture.


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Make Your Own PadPillow


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The PadPillow is one of our most popular products, and we decided to offer up a Do-It-Yourself Guide for making your very own PadPillow from scratch. Now making PadPillow is just as much fun as using it! This DIY project is great for families or just anyone who loves some hands-on arts and crafts.

Here’s what you need to do, one step at a time:

  1. Buy (or reuse) a large piece of sturdy cloth for the PadPillow exterior. It should measure 0.45 yards (about 16 inches) long and 45 inches wide. A tough material like denim works best, but you can experiment with other fabrics. Gather a few necessary tools: scissors, pencil, a sewing needle and thread, a sewing machine, a razor knife, and a ruler. Lastly, you will need a small piece of leather to make a leather tab.
  2. Purchase a large chunk of carving foam, which can be found at art supply stores or other specialty stores. This will form the soft body of the PadPillow.
  3. Download IPEVO’s printable .pdf file of PadPillow cutouts, and print the document in its original size. Cut out the shapes from the printed document with scissors. Place the four cutouts onto your chosen cloth. Trace the shapes with a pencil.
  4. Cut the cloth according to the shapes with scissors. You will now have three cloth cutouts — one long rectangle and two chisel-like shapes.

  5. Using the cutout document as your guide, sew the leather tag onto the rectangular cloth cutouts using needle and thread.

  6. With a sewing machine, sew the chisel shapes onto the rectangular shape using the cutout document as a guide for where to join the pieces.
  7. When you’ve sewn all three cloth cutouts together, you’ll have the basic shape of the PadPillow with a hole in the back to stuff foam into.

  8. From your carving foam, cut your first piece of foam using a ruler and razor knife. The smaller piece should measure 12.6 x 9.1 x 1.6 inches (32 x 23 x 4cm).
  9. Shave down one side of the foam piece to form a semi-triangular shape rather than a simple rectangle.
  10. Cut your second triangular piece of foam. This piece measures 6.3 x 5.7 x 12.6 inches (16 x 14 x 32cm ), where 6.3 inches is the base of the triangle, 5.7 inches is the height, and 12.6 inches is the length.
  11. Carefully stuff the foam pieces one at a time into the opening of the sewn-together cloth cutouts.

  12. Try folding the two foam sections together. If it doesn’t fold quite right, you’ll need to remove the foam pieces and trim them for a better fit.
  13. Enjoy your very own homemade PadPillow! It’s perfect to hold iPad and ebook readers in the lap or anywhere else.

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Perch Shows Off at Tian Cai Refreshment Saloon


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IPEVO’s family of Perch stands have found themselves in a remarkable number of venues. But in the case of Tian Cai Refreshment Saloon — and yes, that’s the best name for a restaurant ever — Perch S found a home very close by our branch office in Taipei, in a place we visit all the time. And that makes this story a little more special.

Tian Cai is well-known for excellent Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi and oden, which is a dish of boiled eggs, radish, konnyaku and fish cakes in a light broth. With its combination of good quality and affordability, the Refreshment Saloon has been a lunch-hour favorite of IPEVO employees for many years, and a favorite of the Taipei business community for more than 40 years. For the vast majority of those 40 years, Tian Cai’s menu was text-only. The restaurant’s reputation and great food had visitors coming back for more, but the owner knew he could take his restaurant into the 21st century for an even better presentation of his offerings.

After a cook took some impromptu iPhone images of some dishes, the owner knew that strong visuals of his cuisine was the way to go. But what was the best way to display signature dishes for newcomers in a fresh, exciting way? The owner tried a couple digital frames and some iPad cases and stands as part of a lobby display, but he wasn’t satisfied. These accessories weren’t complementing the overall vibe of the restaurant. They looked clunky and inorganic, like they didn’t belong.

A couple folks at IPEVO saw the owner’s need and introduced him to Perch S Desktop Stand. With its sleek lines and aluminum leg, THIS is a stand which can match the high style of an upscale restaurant. We like to think it’s every bit as elegant as the iPad itself. The Perch S was set on the host’s counter, and its dual-axis hinge allowed it to be oriented and angled just rightto catch customers’ eyes. Images of signature dishes were uploaded into a slideshow on the iPad. And the rest, as they say, is history. Tian Cai broke free from the text-only tedium and now features an ultramodern, eye-catching display which communicates the deliciousness of the dishes as well as the sophistication of the restaurant itself. What more could you ask for? We bet Perch S Desktop Stand could deliver a similar “wow” for your business!

Supercharge Your Teaching with the Perch Security Stand


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All three sizes of the Perch Security StandDesktop (S), Side (M), and Podium (L) — are great for businesses of all types. But did you know that these stands are a perfect fit for the classroom, too? Educators will find tons of uses for each size of Perch Security Stand.

For the brief rundown, Perch Stands provide a solid support for the new iPad and iPad 2. The iPad can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation at customizable viewing angles thanks to a special dual-axis hinge. And the Security holder features two locks to ensure the iPad can’t be removed from the stand, which is ideal for busy classrooms and curious (and dare we say clumsy) kids. When you use Perch Security Stand, you’ll know the iPad will stay put in the stand.

Let’s talk about each stand:

Desktop (S) — This stand is just the right size for student desks and your teacher’s desk. Students can use education apps either by themselves or with a partner. And when you use Apple TV and the AirPlay app, you can also use Perch S to mount your iPad like a document camera and then project your iPad screen wirelessly onto a widescreen TV or the classroom projection screen.

All of the learning advantages we’ve shared about our Point 2 View and Ziggi Document Cameras (such as 50 Ways to Use Your Doc Cam) apply to your Perch S doc cam. You’ll open up whole new horizons and engage students on multiple levels.

Perch S is also perfect to place on the chemistry lab counter, where you could supplement live experiments with something like Chemistry By Design or make data forms easier to fill out with Forms.

Finally, we wanted to mention an app called GradeCam. This app allows you to use the iPad’s camera to scan and grade the results of multiple choice, “scantron”-type tests. Position the students’ test paper underneath iPad, and you’ll get an instant grade and answer breakdown.

Side (M) — This stand can be placed right near the desk, either for your students or yourself. If you have chairs and couches in addition to the classic desk, note that Perch M’s flat feet can be easily slid under furniture so the user can pull the iPad close. Perch M could also be positioned between two students’ desks for cooperative learning.

Just two of the near-infinite amount of education apps you might want to try are Strip Designer, in which students can create comic strips to illustrate what they’ve learned in a unique way, and ArtRage, in which students can experiment with different drawing tools.

Podium (L) — Last but not least is our tallest stand designed for standing users. These are great for establishing a dedicated “learning center” or “recreation area” that students can visit and use during free time or as a special treat. How about an iTunes U learning library? Or SAT Vocab to build vocab in a fun way? Or how about supplementing a life sciences course with 3D Anatomy, or a course on geography with MapProjector?

Educators, do you have any amazing education apps that you’d like to share? Please feel free to leave a comment. And check out the Perch S, Perch M, or Perch L Security Stand product pages for more info on these handy classroom helpers.


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360 Degrees of Freedom — Say Hello to PV-01


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We’ve all been there. iPad cases with stands that only support the iPad horizontally. Try setting up the iPad vertically, in portrait orientation, and you’re in for a whole lot of hurt. That changes with IPEVO’s newest product, PV-01 360° Rotating Folio Case. It’s designed for the new iPad 3 as well as the iPad 2, and it’s destined to play a pivotal role in your iPad use. Why? Because it pivots!

PV-01 features a unique circular pivot built right into the case. It allows the iPad 3 or iPad 2 to swivel relative to the outside folio, which has grooves so the device can be supported upright in one of three viewing angles. The pivot goes all the way around, which means you have complete freedom to view how you want to, either portrait or landscape. Different habits and different apps call for different ways of viewing and using your iPad. PV-01 gets it.

Beyond that, PV-01 is crafted from premium leather and felt. You’ll never be ashamed carrying this accessory around. The case comes in four colors: Red, Black, Gray, and Black Denim. And it keeps your device nice and protected for travel and transport. All controls and even the front and back camera lenses are accessible, so you don’t have to keep taking the iPad in and out.

On the topic of travel, another cool thing about PV-01 is that the inner case can be easily separated from (and then rejoined to) the outside folio. This is perfect for all those times you want to drop a little weight from your case and go with a sleeker profile for even more portability.

Two more handy features to tell you about. Saving battery juice is always a plus, and PV-01 has embedded sleep magnets to make the iPad go to sleep when the case is closed, no matter which way the iPad is inserted in the case. Lastly, from the “They Thought of Everything” department, there’s a strap on the inner spine to keep your stylus secure.

Sounds pretty good, huh? Head on over to the PV-01 product page to see more pictures and get more details.

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Show ‘Em What You Can Do with Perch S


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Ever heard of a “pitch meeting” in the film industry? Say a writer or director has an idea for a film, or maybe they’ve gone as far as writing a full script. They would then pitch that story idea in person to a producer or studio executive. Essentially it’s a sales pitch, a presentation of the story concept to get people excited enough to read the script and make the movie.

And that brings us to a new idea for using IPEVO’s Perch S Desktop Stand for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2 (and there’s also a model for the original iPad). Perch S is the stand that’s just the right height for desktops and countertops. Available in black or white, Perch has a modern look and feel along with smart functionality.

Pitching has gone multimedia, and it’s often better to have some visual “eye candy” along with a verbal pitch. Perch S and the new iPad 3 (and its gorgeous retina display) provide an incredible presentation tool for a pitch. Writers can present a concept poster of their idea. And directors can show off preliminary concept art, a mock trailer, or their directing reel (the best clips from some of the films they’ve directed).

In fact, Perch S and iPad 3 make a great combination for any pitch meeting, interview, consultation, or meet-and-greet with artists and other creative people. Just consider this short list:

  • Art directors, production designers, cinematographers, lighting directors, and other image makers in theater or film can provide a multimedia portfolio or video reel with a memorable presentation.
  • Interior designers can show potential clients sample photographs of their work, color swatches, design schemes, links to furniture and accessories, and more.
  • Let’s not forget visual artists: graphic designers, illustrators, painters, storyboard artists, and similar creative folks. Why bring in a paper portfolio? Go for the gold with iPad 3’s high-resolution display.
  • Interactive media artists: web designers, video game designers and computer animators. Whether it’s still images or video, the iPad 3 and Perch will wow them.

We’ve just scratched the surface, but you get the idea. And one other note: it doesn’t matter whether your material is better in landscape or portrait orientation. Perch’s unique dual-axis hinge allows you to customize viewing angle as well as switch effortlessly between the two orientations.

What do you think, artists? And which artists did we miss in our list? Upgrade your presentation and really show ’em what you can do with the iPad 3 and Perch S Desktop Stand.

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Three New Colors — The PadPillow Family Grows


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Are you familiar with PadPillow? It’s the soft pillow stand that makes your e-reading and tablet computing much more comfortable. And now PadPillow is available in three new colors — Lemongrass, Honeysuckle, and Tangerine. PadPillow conforms to your body, and now it might just conform to your personal sense of style, too.

If you’re not familiar with PadPillow, this cushy triangular stand is made from a soft foam covered in an equally soft denim cover. PadPillow is for all those times you use your iPad or ebook reader away from the desk, whether it’s lounging on the sofa or reclining in bed. You can place it on the bed, the carpet, the arm of the sofa, or right in your lap. PadPillow can be used with all generations of iPad, including the new iPad 3, and it can also be used with other tablets and ebook readers like the different Kindles and Nooks. It can even be used with traditional magazines.

One more note: PadPillow comes in two sections which can be compactly kept together or folded apart. When folded apart, PadPillow gives you room for a separate keyboard if you’re writing emails or having an IM session, for just two examples.

Lemongrass, Honeysuckle and Tangerine (which are subtle shades of yellow-green, pink and orange) join the existing three PadPillow colors: Steve’s Blue Jeans, Light Khaki, and Charcoal Gray. That’s a total of six PadPillow colors to express your individuality while you’re getting work done or enjoying a nice, long read. Don’t crane and don’t strain: get PadPillow and enjoy a better way to read, surf, watch movies, and much more.

Head on over to the PadPillow product page. See how each color looks and read more about why so many IPEVO customers love their PadPillows.

iPad 3 How-To: Typi


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This is our fifth and final entry in the iPad 3 How-To series. Last but certainly not least is a personal favorite for many here in the office: Typi Folio Case + Keyboard. Typi Folio Case is a terrific-looking case in handcrafted felt and leather for the new iPad. Typi comes in either black or tan, and it performs three jobs in one. Typi protects your case from daily wear and tear during transport and use. It also acts as a stand. Typi’s strap can be unbuttoned and rebuttoned to support iPad 3 at several viewing angles. This support is just as sturdy with iPad 3 as it is with the iPad 2. Not surprising: this is a well-made case! Typi also has a separate QWERTY keyboard which is carried within the case by magnets. It communicates via Bluetooth with your tablet so you can get writing, emailing, and many other things done quicker versus the touchpad keyboard. Both iPad 2 and iPad 3 use the same Bluetooth technology, so the keyboard works just the same no matter which tablet you have. This keyboard can be easily removed for remote operation, and it has custom hotkeys like volume control and playback options which work for both generations of iPad. The iPad 3 will easily slip in to Typi’s holder; just tuck in the tab to complete installation. All ports and controls are accessible, including sleep/wake mode, volume control, headphone jack, microphone, speakers, front camera lens, dock connector, and the rear camera lens. You won’t have to take the iPad in and out. Also noteworthy is the fact that Typi has a magnet in its cover which causes the iPad to sleep when the cover is closed and wake up when the cover is open. This works just as well with iPad 3 as with iPad 2, and many iPad 3 cases now on the market can’t make that claim. Overall, Typi is still the same “all-in-one wonder” accessory for iPad 3 as it is for iPad 2. And we think you’ll agree. Have a question? Email us at And happy tablet computing!

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Chopstakes Help Out at School


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Chopstakes in action

We love to hear when our products are making a difference in the classroom, and so we’re extremely pleased and excited to bring you the story of Sallie and Ken and their son, Richard. It’s the story of dedicated parents and their efforts to make learning easier for their son — with a little help from IPEVO.

Richard is a high schooler who likes to game (real-time strategy games and The Sims are among his favorites) and watch baseball (including his hometown Chicago Cubs and White Sox) like other students his age. Richard cannot use his hands and he has trouble getting around without help, so he spends much of the day in a wheelchair.

Sallie wanted to find a way to help Richard with his studies and with classroom interaction. Sallie first went to a company called Stealth Products for a special wheelchair mount for the iPad. This mount positions the iPad above Richard’s lap, and it can fold away when not in use. But mom and dad still needed a way for Richard to operate the tablet.

iPad mount on wheelchair

Sallie had heard about IPEVO’s Chopstakes Multitouch Styli, and Ken contacted Marcus here in our Sales Department. Ken told Marcus about the project, and Marcus sent Ken both lengths of Chopstakes.

Ken then set to work. He’s a manager at a ceramics and metalworking company, and the skilled employees there are always willing to lend a hand to help Richard. At Ken’s direction, one of the shorter Type S Chopstakes were lathed and machined down, and then a mouth stick was fitted and epoxied into the top of the Chopstake. With this new stylus, Richard could bite down on the mouth stick and operate the Chopstake with his mouth. The omnidirectional rubber tip at the end of the Chopstake gave Richard the ability to operate the iPad most any way he wanted.

iPad and modified Chopstake

“Richard has adjusted to his new iPad setup very well,” Ken told us. “In fact, the hardest part was convincing the school to let Richard have an iPad in the first place! The school’s IT department had to change Richard’s iPad to restrict certain websites like Facebook because it’s against school policy. But beyond that, the iPad has been very helpful. Richard also has an aide accompany him at school, and the aide inputs Richard’s homework for the week so Richard can take it home and work on it on his computer.”

We’re glad we could make a small difference for Richard at school. And many thanks to Sallie and Ken for sharing their story. As we’ve said before, we’re always amazed at the innovative uses our customers come up with for IPEVO products!

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A World of Difference for Students – The Point 2 View in Art Class


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Recently we had the pleasure of checking in with Tricia Fuglestad, a K-5 Visual Art Teacher in Arlington Heights, IL. She’s the current recipient of the NAEA 2012 Illinois Art Teacher of the Year. And she had plenty to teach us about using IPEVO’s Point 2 View USB Document Camera in her art class.

Tricia originally became interested in the Point 2 View after attending an education tech conference in her area. Many educators were praising the Point 2 View for its high quality and low price, and she decided to try it out.

Thus far, Tricia has developed 6 ways to use the Point 2 View in art class. We’ll let Tricia tell you more in her own words:

  1. Animation: “The Point 2 View was a perfect tool for explaining and demonstrating the stop motion animation process to my students. Just move an object, click the snapshot button to take a still image, and move the object again.”
  2. Augmented Reality: “We printed out an Augmented Reality marker in order to view a 3-D model of the Parthenon on the projection screen during our study of Greek art. Students could hold the marker at a comfortable level to view the model from all angles.”Augmented Reality
  3. iPads and iPods: “I connect the Point 2 View to the computer and project these devices for demos. This use is perfect for the Point 2 View.”
  4. Photo Booth: “Apple’s Photo Booth allows the Point 2 View to record video. I can aim the Point 2 View at my students who are too small to reach the desktop camera or who can’t position themselves because of a disability. We recorded students’ lips for artwork we created.” (At the top of the page is their amazing video presentation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax using this method!)
  5. Sharing sketches: “The Point 2 View gives my students a way to share their sketches or writings with the class quickly. It’s perfect for playing guessing games or sharing with the class to see if artwork has communicated ideas clearly.”
  6. Fine Art Techniques: “The Point 2 View is great for demonstrating small detailed techniques. Instead of calling all the students out of their seats to stand over me as I demonstrate, I use the camera to make art along with them.” (See picture below for the setup Tricia used to demonstrate in real time how to create the illusion of a curved 3D apple.)P2V Apple Setup

Tricia sums up the Point 2 View this way: “The Point 2 View has amazing clarity and great weight balance, and I like that it uses USB as opposed to other document cameras that use VGA, which requires more fiddling with the projector. $69 is a very affordable price for a teaching tool that can make a world of difference for students.”

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your images, Tricia, we really appreciate it. Please check out Tricia’s school website for even more great artwork. And for any readers interested in learning more, head on over to our Point 2 View page for more info and ideas.