Check out IPEVO’s booth at ISTE 2018 for our exciting new products


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ISTE 2018 is just around the corner, and our ISTE team is prepared in every way for the big event. This year, our team is thrilled to showcase not only two new document cameras, but also two previously unrevealed prototypes! Here’s a short glimpse of them:

VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera

VZ-R works with or without a computer. You can either hook it up directly to your TV or projector via HDMI, or connect it to your computer via USB. Featuring an 8 megapixel camera, built-in LED light, small footprint, swiveling head, and multi-jointed stand, VZ-R gives you the versatility to capture and display materials from different heights, angles and orientations. You can even adjust the live image instantly with the control buttons conveniently placed on VZ-R’s body.

VZ-R can be connected to your TV directly via HDMI

VZ-X Wireless, HDMI & USB 8MP Document Camera

VZ-X is the wireless version of VZ-R. It comes with three connection modes — Wi-Fi, HDMI and USB — that offer you the much needed versatility and freedom to use it in the setup that best suits your needs. Use it wirelessly in the Wi-Fi mode and enjoy engaging from anywhere in the room; skip the need for a computer and plug it directly to your TV or projector via HDMI; or, use it with your computer via USB to capitalize on its compatibility with a wide variety of software.

Use VZ-X wirelessly for the freedom to engage from anywhere in the room

Document Camera Prototypes

Join in the excitement and mystery at our booth as we reveal two new prototypes for our line of document camera. Asides from getting a sneak preview, you can even enjoy a hands-on experience. Plus, our ISTE team is there to share any available information and answer any questions.

So, do definitely visit us at ISTE 2018, booth 2308 from 24th to 27th June at Chicago, IL to learn more about our exciting new products.

Learning Collaboratively with IPEVO VZ-R doc cam: A Techie day with a Seniors Book Club


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Abracadabra! A book club is where the magic of words brings people together. With more and more older adults now enjoying to eat, drink & merry at a book club, the introduction of technology opens the door to accessibility, as well as inspiration in creating an inviting atmosphere for everyone. Just as IPEVO document cameras are transforming classrooms into places full of fun and excitement, we invite PHP Friendship Club, a seniors book club in Taiwan to our Taiwan office to try out our brand new VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera.

A routine session kick-starts with the introduction of VZ-R document camera

Finding the sweet spot between simplicity and versatility is a real challenge. Complexity is a curve ball even for seniors who are so passionate about technology. VZ-R’s plug & play game plan plays out cleanly with a two-a-side: an HDMI cable that transfers live images to a TV, and a USB port that provides power to the device.

Powering on by a USB port, all VZ-R needs is an HDMI cable to stream live images directly to a TV

Using the control buttons located on VZ-R’s body, all it takes is a touch of fingertip to zoom in and out of the object. By zooming in, the very detailed images of books, notes and smart phone screens all show up crisp and clear on the TV thanks to VZ-R’s 8MP camera. It is exactly this outstanding clarity that makes VZ-R a great assistive reading tool. With VZ-R, low vision seniors would have no trouble viewing small prints of reading materials.

Place the reading material under VZ-R, press zoom and see the enlarged texts appearing clearly on the TV

According to Hong Chien, Ching Hui (Celia), the chairperson of Hong’s Foundation and the host of the book club, the concept of collaborative learning comes from the joy of sharing. Thus, instead of plunging straight into a book discussion, this time round members of the PHP Friendship Club decide to run the session by getting everyone to share a personal item. In no time, books, notes, yoga illustrations and images of flowers all “spring to life” on the TV.

Members of the PHP Friendship Club get their turns to share their personal items using VZ-R

With VZ-R, members get to share their personal anecdotes through the “visualization” of sentimental value of the objects. Apart from allowing the sharing session to quickly rotate through each member’s area of interest, VZ-R brings the bits and pieces into a larger context at the front screen: the colorful everyday life of the seniors.

Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, VZ-R is capable of showing and enlarging the small images on the digital screen to the TV for all to see

Book clubs are great social forums that encourage seniors to stay active in everyday living. VZ-R transforms the conventional verbal based book discussion into a visual experience. Apart from being an assistive reading tool, VZ-R’s capability of enlarging all kinds of objects opens up a wider selection of learning materials. Just as Rene Descartes once hinted: “the reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.” Through the eye of VZ-R, this reading was not only made visible, but also collaborative.

Great smiles! Members of PHP Friendship Club posed for the camera with VZ-R after their session

Check out the refreshed look and new features of IPEVO Visualizer — Larger User Interface, Zoom, Magnify, and Reading Aids


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For those familiar with IPEVO and our range of document cameras and software, you’ll probably know about our free Visualizer software and the tons of features packed into it. In fact, we are always working on adding new features to Visualizer and fine-tuning the current ones based on feedback and suggestions we received from our users so as to cater to their different needs. And now, we are excited to introduce you to the latest release of our Visualizer software that has a refreshed look and more features.Note: For optimum performance, we suggest that you use Visualizer with IPEVO document cameras.

Larger User Interface

The latest version of Visualizer includes a feature that allows users to switch to a larger user interface. This “enlarged” version of Visualizer has a simpler interface with bigger icons that was specially designed for our low vision users. This is part of our ongoing efforts to increase the usability of our products and software for those with low vision so that they will be able to benefit from our affordable solutions.

Simpler interface with bigger icons! Check out the “enlarged” version of Visualizer designed for those with low vision.

Simpler interface with bigger icons! Check out the “enlarged” version of Visualizer designed for those with low vision.


Zoom in on your materials by as much as 12x using the Zoom feature of Visualizer. From educational to business settings, from zooming on hard-to-read text, intricate patterns of artwork, needlework, origami to more, you can enlarge details of your materials for all to see and do away with crowding around tables for your teaching, presentations or demonstrations.

Zoom in for all to see. Now there’s no need to crowd around tables!

Zoom in for all to see. Now there’s no need to crowd around tables!


Magnify is a new option added to Visualizer for zooming your materials. It differs from Zoom in the way it enlarges the live image. In Zoom, the whole of the live image is being blown up, meaning you’ll lose sight of the entire object if you zoomed in too much. Whereas in Magnify, you get to choose which part of the live image you wish to enlarge. This provides you with the convenience of magnifying selected areas of your live image while keeping the entire object in view.

Magnifying and showing a selected area of a circuit board.

Magnifying and showing a selected area of a circuit board.

Reading Aids

As its name suggests, you get tools such as line marker and magnifier to aid you in reading with this newly added feature. A single press on the icon will display a line marker designed to help you keep your place while reading. It comes in really handy when you are doing group readings as it makes it easier for your audience to follow. Reading would also be more enjoyable and less frustrating for those with low vision with the help of this line marker. A magnifier is also included for enlarging your reading text. You would find this extremely useful for reading fine print of your medical prescriptions, mails, important documents and more.Note: Reading Aids is only functional in Snapshot and Video Recording mode.

Zoom in for all to see. Now there’s no need to crowd around tables!

Reading fine print made easier with the help of line marker and magnifier.


We hope you find the improvements made to Visualizer useful. Any feedback or questions? Please do let us know!

IPEVO’s VZ-R HDMI/USB 8MP doc cam — the perfect fit for small desk space!


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Feel like adding a document camera to your classroom or office setting but ran out of desk space? Try IPEVO’s latest HDMI/USB dual mode 8 megapixel document camera — VZ-R. With a small footprint — its rounded base only measures 4.1” x 4.2”/10.5cm x 10.8cm — and vertical design, VZ-R practically fits in most any cluttered desks. Plus, its lightweight nature (2.2lbs/1kg) gives you the portability to swap it between different rooms. From teaching english to math, science to geography, demonstrating art work to soldering electronic parts, giving presentations to having business conferences, VZ-R’s space advantage allows you to do more in settings where desk space is at a premium! Check out the following video as we put VZ-R to the small desk space test.

Presenting IPEVO’s affordable and portable ”desktop magnifier” for the visually impaired — VZ-R!


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Presenting IPEVO’s affordable and portable ”desktop magnifier” for the visually impaired — VZ-R!

Looking for not just an affordable but also portable desktop magnifier for your loved ones who have vision impairments and need help reading books, letters, notes, or even digital screens like tablet or cellphone? IPEVO has the solution — VZ-R — an 8 megapixel HDMI/USB dual mode document camera with a small footprint that can double up as a “desktop magnifier”. Here’s how it can be done:

Attaching VZ-R’s base

The first thing you’ll notice when you unbox VZ-R is that its base is not attached to its body. You’ll need to secure the base to the body by using the included screws and screwdriver. You can refer to this video for a step-by-step demonstration.

Attaching VZ-R’s base


Hooking VZ-R to your TV via HDMI

After the base has been attached, you can then connect VZ-R to your TV using an HDMI cable (not included). Do note that as VZ-R needs to be powered on when it is being used in the HDMI mode, you’ll need to connect it to the powered USB port of your TV. You can use the included Micro-USB cable to do so. If your TV does not have a powered USB port, you can plug VZ-R into a wall outlet by using any of your phone or tablet 5V/1A USB power adapter. Or, you can simply plug it into a power bank.

Three ways to provide power for VZ-R

Three ways to provide power for VZ-R

Tips Tips

  • If your TV only comes with VGA ports, you can connect VZ-R to it by using an HDMI to VGA converter, such as the one from IPEVO. You can also use this method to connect VZ-R to any monitor display that only has VGA ports.


Turning on VZ-R

Turn on VZ-R using the Power Switch placed on the bottom-most of VZ-R’s body. A live image from VZ-R should appear on your TV with the best resolution automatically selected. VZ-R is now ready to use.

Turning on VZ-R

Tips Tips

  • If the live image does not appear on your TV, do check that you have the correct video input source selected. Some TVs come with more than one HDMI port, and you’ll have to select the corresponding HDMI input for VZ-R. If you’re still not getting any live image, please try a different HDMI cable.


Reading with VZ-R

Place your reading material under VZ-R. Find the best height, angle and orientation for capturing it by adjusting VZ-R’s swiveling head and multi-jointed stand. Next, choose a video filter that best suits your needs by pressing the Filter button on VZ-R. If you find the exposure to be too bright/dark, you can lower/increase it. Then, zoom into the particular section you’re interested to read by pressing the Zoom In button, and should you wish to refocus the live image, simply press the Focus button. That’s it! Now you have an affordable and portable “desktop magnifier”. And be amazed by the crystal clear text that appears on your TV as VZ-R features outstanding imaging performance with its 8MP Sony CMOS image sensor and Ambarella chip! What’s more, VZ-R comes with built-in LED light that gives you additional illumination when you need it.

Tips Tips

  • Use a TV or monitor with aspect ratio of 4:3 if you wish to capture A3 sized document (11.7”x16.5”). Or, press the Zoom Out button when the live image is unzoomed to unlock a 4:3 displaying mode for a TV or monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Should the live image flickers continuously, please check the electrical frequency of your country (50/60Hz). Then, change VZ-R’s frequency to match it using the Frequency Switch placed at the back of VZ-R’s body.
  • Each of the buttons placed on VZ-R’s body has a unique set of tactile indicator that allows you to differentiate them easily with just a touch.


Any questions or feedback about this setup? We’d love to know!

Handy tips for using VZ-R in HDMI mode


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New to VZ-R and still trying to figure out ways of utilizing it in the HDMI mode? Now read on for three handy tips that we’ve gathered from the VZ-R experts at IPEVO!

Tip #1: Present A3 documents (11.7”x16.5”)

When VZ-R is connected to a TV or projector via HDMI, the output display would most likely be in the aspect ratio of 16:9. To present A3 documents, press the Zoom Out button when the live image is unzoomed, and congrats! You’ve successfully unlocked the 4:3 aspect ratio displaying mode for showing A3 documents. In this ratio mode, any A3 document will fit perfectly on your screen.

Tip #2: Use AutoFocus-Single (AF-S) for static subjects

By default, VZ-R’s focus is set to AutoFocus-Continuous (AF-C). This changes the focus continuously which keeps the live image clear when you’re showing moving subjects. However, you might find it unnecessary if you are only showing static subjects. Have the focus locked throughout your session by pressing and holding the Focus button to change it to AF-S mode.

Tip #3: Choose from a range of video filters

VZ-R comes with built-in video filters that make it friendlier for individuals with visual impairments or low vision. And we understand that different people have different needs, that’s why VZ-R features not only one but five video filters  —  Inverted Color, Yellow on Black, Black & White, Inverted Black & White, and Sepia. Simply choose one that best fits your needs by pressing the Filter button and cycling through them.

We have all of the aforementioned tips highlighted in the following video, do check it out.

Do you enjoy the tips? Having any feedback or suggestions for VZ-R? Let us know!

Available now! VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera


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Introducing the latest addition to IPEVO’s family of document cameras – VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera! With VZ-R, you can stream live images directly to your TV or projector without the need for a computer via HDMI, and simply adjust the images by using the buttons conveniently placed on its body. You can also connect it to a computer via USB to take advantage of IPEVO’s free Visualizer software or other third-party software. Be surprised at what you see as VZ-R features an 8 megapixel Sony CMOS sensor and Ambarella chip that deliver incredible detail with fast focus, low noise and excellent color reproduction. A built-in LED light is also included for capturing material in dimly lit environments. And, not forgetting to mention VZ-R’s flexibility and durability – its small footprint, multi-jointed stand, swiveling head allow you to capture images from different heights, angles and orientations even in limited space, while its glass fiber reinforced stand gives you increased durability for daily use without adding extra weight. For a highlight of VZ-R’s features, do check out the following video: