Coloring Books for Adults? Yes! 5 Ways IPEVO Can Help


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A recent phenomenon is proving that coloring books aren’t just for preschoolers. As major outlets like the New York Times and Huffington Post have reported, coloring books are coming back in a big way, and adults have embraced the notion of coloring intricate black-and-white drawings.

Why? Coloring is relaxing and a stress-reliever, allowing us to slow down in our hectic modern world. It’s also a great creative outlet no matter who you are. Finally, it’s a social activity. People are uploading their completed images to social media, and adults have even gotten together for “coloring circles” to spend an afternoon or night with friends.

So if you’re a coloring book convert, let’s talk about the perfect tool for all your activities — an IPEVO document camera like the Ziggi-HD, VZ-1, or the wireless iZiggi-HD. Here are 5 ways you can use a versatile IPEVO doc cam to make your creative time even better:

1. Sharing your work on social media — If you’ve spent hours on your work, you don’t want to upload a shabby, poorly-framed picture. An IPEVO doc cam’s multi-jointed swing-arm and other features make it easy to get the exact framing you need for the perfect shot. Plus, with stuff like manual focus and adjustable exposure, you have even more tools to get it “just right.”

2. Keep it precise — Adult drawings can get very intricate, and it’s easy to draw outside the lines. As we remember from preschool, that’s a No-No! But you can use an IPEVO doc cam as a kind of magnifying glass, zooming in on specific portions to make sure your coloring is tight and precise.


3. No blank spaces — For all the completionists out there, we know that blank spaces are also a No-No. So use that same handy zoom feature to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

4. Serious quality control — Enthusiasts get serious about their coloring books. Some have suggested checking your work with multiple snapshots or even with light boxes. But why go to the trouble of checking snapshots when you have real-time video for immediate feedback? An IPEVO doc cam can instantly show you what’s up — no eye-straining light boxes required. Then, when you’re finally ready, the doc cam is ready to capture that glorious high-rez picture.


5. Coloring circles — It’d be fun to get together and color, right? So why not share your work the best way with an IPEVO doc cam? Instead of your half-dozen friends crowding around your drawing, you can stream your image onto a computer screen, a TV screen, or even onto a projection screen with a projector. Now that’s some seriously awesome coloring circle tech that’ll be sure to impress.


So whether you’re a hardcore coloring book hobbyist or just thinking of getting started, remember that IPEVO could lend a big hand for not a whole lot of money.

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