Introducing PadPillow Lite!


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You may or may not know about (or own) IPEVO’s PadPillow, the comfy, cozy, and cushy way to support your iPad or ebook reader. PadPillow has been going strong for a couple of years and has been quite popular with our customers, but we thought it was high time to add another member to the PadPillow family. We are pleased to introduce PadPillow Lite.

PadPillow Lite borrows the original PadPillow’s comfort and versatility — as well as its removable soft cotton cover — but it packs these features into a smaller, lighter pillow stand. PadPillow Lite weighs less than 6 ounces! Some might prefer the larger size of the PadPillow, but we’re guessing others might appreciate having a smaller stand, especially to stow away in luggage for travel.

As for our favorite? We prefer both, of course. PadPillow for those long reading sessions in bed, and PadPillow Lite for relaxing on the sofa and checking email, surfing the web, or playing one of those lovely hidden object games. It’s a matter of personal preference, and we think there’s room for both in your universe.

Like the original, PadPillow Lite features two positions. It can be laid flat for a lower viewing angle, or folded together (and held fast with embedded magnets) for a steeper viewing angle. Again, it’s a matter of preference and situation. You might like different angles for watching movies versus playing games, for example.

PadPillow Lite fits all generations of iPad, but it can also accommodate many other brands and sizes of tablet computers as well as ebook readers like Kindle and Nook. And it’s available in either no-nonsense Dark Gray or a cute Pink.

Head on over to the IPEVO Store and check out more info and pictures for the PadPillow Lite. You’ll like it, we promise!

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