iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #2


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Welcome to the second installment of our blog series on the beautiful possibilities of pairing Apple’s iPad with IPEVO’s Tubular Wireless Speakers.

This entry focuses on a subject that will definitely interest you: food! Cooks come in two types: naturals, who create great dishes with a little instruction and a lot of instinct; and the rest of us, who need plenty of guidance and hand-holding. But no matter which culinary category you’re in, it’s always fun to try new recipes and learn a few techniques from professionals and amateurs alike. And sometimes pulling it all off is a little tough.

The iPad, along with Tubular Wireless Speakers, would be a great addition to the kitchen. Think about it: load up a cooking show from iTunes, or explore YouTube to find a cooking tutorial for a dish you’d like to try. Set up the iPad on the counter, then use Tubular to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with the iPad. Now you’ve got a complete video as well as audio solution for discovering that amazing new recipe. iPad will give you a compact view screen—ideal for counters often cramped with appliances or cooking items—and equally compact Tubular will provide stereo sound for all the steps and ingredients. Tubular is loud and clear enough to be heard from across the kitchen, a feature that iPad’s built-in speakers just won’t be able to match.

Also consider that Tubular can be easily moved around (remember, no wires) for your convenience, while keeping the iPad in place. Move Tubular from the sink, where you’ve been chopping vegetables, to the countertop across the room to mix ingredients. You’ll never miss a moment of the soundtrack. And if you’re a restaurant chef operating in a larger kitchen, Tubular’s portability makes even more sense.

We hope we’ve provided a little “food for thought.” Be sure to check back soon for more ideas for using Tubular and iPad.

To visit the Tubular Wireless Speakers’ Product Page: http://www.ipevo.com/Tubular-Wireless-Speakers_p_75.html

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your website is sueless – will not load

Hello Gp,

Are you talking about “www.ipevo.com”? I just tried it 10 seconds ago it works perfectly. If you happen to run in to the down time of our website please let us know when did you try to access our website, we will have the web team to check ASAP.

I just bought the IPEVO tubular speakers from Amazon. I charged them fully from my laptop and they worked for about an hour. Brought them with me on a weekend ski trip and they would not turn on! Tried recharging, the red led goes on, but they will still not turn on after an hour of charging. Is there a way to reset them somehow.

Hello Stan,

From your description it sounds like a possible defection of the unit. Would you please email us at cs@ipevo.com for more information regarding this issue?


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