The Power of the Spoken Voice — Intellipad and Tubular Wireless Speakers


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Intellipad and IPEVO Tubular

intellipadHave you heard about the Intellipad app? It’s an education app featuring rich text-to-speech features and keyboard customizations to help students with reading and writing skills. We read a very interesting article about the origins of Intellipad, and how its designers had special-needs children particularly in mind. Cheryl Bergman, the Director at Intellipad, had this to say about the power of the iPad in education:

β€œIt is interactive, delivers a direct cause-and-effect relationship, and provides opportunities to learn materials in a multi-sensory way.”

In this regard, one of the best features is the powerful text-to-speech functionality, something that’s perfect for students who could benefit from the “multi-sensory” approach Cheryl is talking about.

For teachers considering the Intellipad for standard classrooms or special-needs environments, IPEVO has the perfect accessory to complement your efforts: Tubular Wireless Speakers.

If you’re not familiar with Tubular, it’s a portable tube of interlocking Bluetooth wireless speakers. It’s just as portable as your iPad, and it can pair up with your device to deliver strong stereo sound — a significant upgrade from iPad’s built-in speaker. Whether it’s a one-on-one session or an entire classroom, Tubular has the power to reach your students on that extra auditory level of learning that might make all the difference. And it’d be a great way to get the most out of the Intellipad app.

Check out Tubular Wireless Speaker’s product page for more information, and thanks for reading.

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