Calling All Bloggers – IPEVO wants YOU


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Here at IPEVO, we happen to think our products are pretty cool and useful. That said, like a lot of other people, we’re hooked on the blogging and video blogging scene. Where else do you get immediate updates, reviews, and news on the stuff you care about, from independent-minded, well-informed, passionate people?

One of our favorite bloggers, a fellow who has been blogging before “blogging” became a word, is Shawn “Rusty” Smith, aka MacGizmoGuy. MacGizmoGuy is simply the master of Mac-related gizmos. He’s been computing since the first IBM PC and Apple I were released. As a full-time Apple consultant and all-around Mac guru, MacGizmoGuy kept an online journal when the Internet was in its infancy. He now maintains about a dozen websites, dedicated to informing the public about Apple products and accessories, and basically throwing us a much-needed lifesaver amid a sea of tech confusion.

“I try to help people understand and cope with tech,” MacGizmoGuy told us when we chatted. “I don’t believe in tech for tech’s sake: all these gizmos and gadgets are just tools to help us create and build our worlds and connections with.”

Like us, MacGizmoGuy is excited about the potential of Internet-based calling, or VOIP. He lives in a rural area, and in remote places like this, long-distance and international calling through traditional carriers can be expensive, fast.

MacGizmoGuy sums it up best: “There’s many of us who simply don’t want (or can’t afford) the ongoing monthly charges of cell-phones, commitments, binding contracts, penalties, fees – for the rest of forever. VOIP offers a very low-cost, pay-as-you-go, pay-for-what-you-use model. Skype’s huge presence, long track record and outright popularity with millions of Windows, Mac and Linux users make a Skype-Certified phone a smart long-term purchase.”

In that spirit, MacGizmoGuy recently issued a video blog on YouTube, where he reviewed the S0-20 Wireless Skype Phone. While he did have some constructive criticism, overall he was impressed with the phone’s audio and ease of use, calling it “dead-simple” to use. You can check out the whole video by following the link at the bottom.

It’s bloggers and tech experts like MacGizmoGuy that keep our industry innovative and accountable, and we are indebted to all of you out there. In fact, IPEVO would like any bloggers interested in our products to contact us. Ultimately, we want to establish a positive line of communication, a direct avenue to air your concerns and suggestions about IPEVO products. Plus, we would like to offer evaluation copies of our products to interested, experienced bloggers for purposes of testing and reviewing. IPEVO wants our products to be the very best, and we know the dedication and knowledge base of the blogging community is a valuable resource towards achieving that goal.

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