iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #1


Filed Under (All Products, All Applications, PRODUCT) by ipevoblog on 2010-04-14

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (and honestly, we have nothing against cave dwellers), you’ve probably heard about Apple‘s unveiling of their newest product, the iPad. It promises to bring the tablet computer from oddity to must-have equipment. It has an impressive 9.7 inch HD screen, and it’s slim enough to bring along without being a burden. The design, along with Apple’s huge app support, look to be a winning combination.

We’re as excited about the iPad as everybody else. And someone here had the thought: Aren’t Tubular Wireless Speakers a perfect accessory for this cool new tablet? And the more we think about it, the more Tubular and iPad seem like an ideal marriage. So, in our never-ending quest to augment your tech intelligence, we’re going to hit you with a few blog entries about Tubular and iPad working together in perfect harmony.

This blog focuses on a very appealing possibility for the iPad and Tubular: video watching. Given a good-sized, beautiful screen, as well as rich iTunes support for buying video content, the iPad is basically a portable mini-TV. So, the iPad has video covered, but what about audio? It has a built-in speaker. That makes for “okay” mono audio, but hey, built-in speakers have a reputation for mediocrity for a reason. The other option is the earphone jack. However, if you want to share your movie with a friend—and that’s sometimes the best part, isn’t it?—or you don’t otherwise want to be “leashed” to the iPad, earphones don’t make sense. Plus, the iPad’s earphone jack is on the top, meaning that ugly cord might create some visual mischief by hanging down over the screen.

Enter Tubular Wireless Speakers. No wires, no headache. Tubular will effortlessly communicate with the iPad via Bluetooth for great sound. Enjoy your movie with a friend or two at a pleasant viewing distance, sitting on your comfy couch, bean bag chair, grassy knoll—I don’t know, get creative. You’ll enjoy stereo sound out loud, instead of less-than-excellent mono audio. And doesn’t your favorite TV show or the latest and greatest blockbuster (Avatar, anyone?) simply beg for a first-class audio experience?

Check back, dear reader, the iPad-Tubular party is just getting started.

To visit the Tubular Wireless Speakers’ Product Page: http://www.ipevo.com/Tubular-Wireless-Speakers_p_75.html