Got POS? iPad, Perch S, and Mazendo Restaurant


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Today we check in with Mazendo, an unconventional Chinese restaurant in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. Its specialty is spicy dishes like the beef noodle, and its modern aesthetic attracts plenty of urban professionals. But just as exciting as the great food and atmosphere is the innovative way the owners are using iPad to streamline the entire customer service process.

Mazendo has incorporated iPad in three distinct ways. The host uses an iPad at the front desk to manage and track table seating. The waiter uses an iPad to take customer orders and relay those orders to the cooks. And finally, the waiter uses a POS (Point of Sale) app to process the customer’s credit card to complete the order. Top to bottom, it’s amazing how many different things the iPad is accomplishing for the restaurant.

We’ve heard good things about existing POS apps like ShopKeep and Lavu, but the POS app Mazendo uses deserves special mention. It’s a brand new app developed by iChef — so new, in fact, that it’s still being tested and is not quite available on the App Store yet. This iChef app, intended specifically for restaurants, streamlines the POS process and integrates the workflow so that everyone can access the info in real time. Mazendo reports that iPad use has proven to be significantly more efficient than the traditional system. Surely this level of integration will become the norm rather than the exception soon.

Mazendo chose IPEVO’s Perch S Desktop Stand to pair with the iPad at their front counter. Not only does the sleek metallic stand mesh well with the restaurant’s hip vibe; Perch S puts the iPad at the perfect height to operate, complete with customizable viewing angle and orientation. iPad, Perch S, and POS integration. It sounds like restaurants are in for a real treat!

Six-String Superstar: The Guitar and iPad


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Musicians — and specifically guitar players this entry’s for you. iPad is changing everything from logistics to laundry lists, but what about sheet music and songwriting? We’ve put together a list of 4 essential elements that’ll strike the perfect note for the modern guitarist.

iPad — You kind of saw that one coming. Where else could you put an entire library of tabs and sheet music into one place that’s smaller than a conventional sheet music book? No more carrying around bulky physical documents to your practice session or gig, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of music-centric apps that’ll help you push your music further. But more on that in the next bullet.

Guitar ProThis exceptional app from Arobas Music is the easiest way to edit and arrange your guitar tabs. Grab files from the web, iTunes or email — no more photocopying! — then build a library you can access anytime and anywhere. Robust multitrack functions, a countdown and metronome, looping, and even PDF exports are just a few key features. You can even set up on-the-fly tempo changes and transpositions. They really thought of it all with this program.

AirTurn Pedal — Trying to turn the page with the touchscreen is a bummer, and it will definitely throw off your rhythm. Don’t stop the music — get the AirTurn Pedal. With this simple pedal (which connects easily via Bluetooth), you can turn the page with your foot instead of stopping to use your hand. A battery life with an extra-impressive 100 hours of standby makes sure you can keep the music flowing all week long.

Perch M Stand — This heavenly setup isn’t complete without the Perch M Stand for iPad. You can’t look cool — and your music probably won’t sound too great — if you’re trying to read off the iPad while it’s cradled in your lap or face-up on a table. Perch M puts the iPad at just the right position for a seated guitarist. Its legs can fit underneath tables and furniture, so that’s a bonus. And the viewing angle can be customized with a quick tug. You can’t ask for too much more when it comes to a perfectly-positioned iPad.

Have any other essential apps or must-have accessories for guitar players? Let us know and maybe we can add to the list!

Perch Shows Off at Tian Cai Refreshment Saloon


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IPEVO’s family of Perch stands have found themselves in a remarkable number of venues. But in the case of Tian Cai Refreshment Saloon — and yes, that’s the best name for a restaurant ever — Perch S found a home very close by our branch office in Taipei, in a place we visit all the time. And that makes this story a little more special.

Tian Cai is well-known for excellent Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi and oden, which is a dish of boiled eggs, radish, konnyaku and fish cakes in a light broth. With its combination of good quality and affordability, the Refreshment Saloon has been a lunch-hour favorite of IPEVO employees for many years, and a favorite of the Taipei business community for more than 40 years. For the vast majority of those 40 years, Tian Cai’s menu was text-only. The restaurant’s reputation and great food had visitors coming back for more, but the owner knew he could take his restaurant into the 21st century for an even better presentation of his offerings.

After a cook took some impromptu iPhone images of some dishes, the owner knew that strong visuals of his cuisine was the way to go. But what was the best way to display signature dishes for newcomers in a fresh, exciting way? The owner tried a couple digital frames and some iPad cases and stands as part of a lobby display, but he wasn’t satisfied. These accessories weren’t complementing the overall vibe of the restaurant. They looked clunky and inorganic, like they didn’t belong.

A couple folks at IPEVO saw the owner’s need and introduced him to Perch S Desktop Stand. With its sleek lines and aluminum leg, THIS is a stand which can match the high style of an upscale restaurant. We like to think it’s every bit as elegant as the iPad itself. The Perch S was set on the host’s counter, and its dual-axis hinge allowed it to be oriented and angled just rightto catch customers’ eyes. Images of signature dishes were uploaded into a slideshow on the iPad. And the rest, as they say, is history. Tian Cai broke free from the text-only tedium and now features an ultramodern, eye-catching display which communicates the deliciousness of the dishes as well as the sophistication of the restaurant itself. What more could you ask for? We bet Perch S Desktop Stand could deliver a similar “wow” for your business!

Show ‘Em What You Can Do with Perch S


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Ever heard of a “pitch meeting” in the film industry? Say a writer or director has an idea for a film, or maybe they’ve gone as far as writing a full script. They would then pitch that story idea in person to a producer or studio executive. Essentially it’s a sales pitch, a presentation of the story concept to get people excited enough to read the script and make the movie.

And that brings us to a new idea for using IPEVO’s Perch S Desktop Stand for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2 (and there’s also a model for the original iPad). Perch S is the stand that’s just the right height for desktops and countertops. Available in black or white, Perch has a modern look and feel along with smart functionality.

Pitching has gone multimedia, and it’s often better to have some visual “eye candy” along with a verbal pitch. Perch S and the new iPad 3 (and its gorgeous retina display) provide an incredible presentation tool for a pitch. Writers can present a concept poster of their idea. And directors can show off preliminary concept art, a mock trailer, or their directing reel (the best clips from some of the films they’ve directed).

In fact, Perch S and iPad 3 make a great combination for any pitch meeting, interview, consultation, or meet-and-greet with artists and other creative people. Just consider this short list:

  • Art directors, production designers, cinematographers, lighting directors, and other image makers in theater or film can provide a multimedia portfolio or video reel with a memorable presentation.
  • Interior designers can show potential clients sample photographs of their work, color swatches, design schemes, links to furniture and accessories, and more.
  • Let’s not forget visual artists: graphic designers, illustrators, painters, storyboard artists, and similar creative folks. Why bring in a paper portfolio? Go for the gold with iPad 3’s high-resolution display.
  • Interactive media artists: web designers, video game designers and computer animators. Whether it’s still images or video, the iPad 3 and Perch will wow them.

We’ve just scratched the surface, but you get the idea. And one other note: it doesn’t matter whether your material is better in landscape or portrait orientation. Perch’s unique dual-axis hinge allows you to customize viewing angle as well as switch effortlessly between the two orientations.

What do you think, artists? And which artists did we miss in our list? Upgrade your presentation and really show ’em what you can do with the iPad 3 and Perch S Desktop Stand.

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