Six-String Superstar: The Guitar and iPad


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Musicians — and specifically guitar players this entry’s for you. iPad is changing everything from logistics to laundry lists, but what about sheet music and songwriting? We’ve put together a list of 4 essential elements that’ll strike the perfect note for the modern guitarist.

iPad — You kind of saw that one coming. Where else could you put an entire library of tabs and sheet music into one place that’s smaller than a conventional sheet music book? No more carrying around bulky physical documents to your practice session or gig, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of music-centric apps that’ll help you push your music further. But more on that in the next bullet.

Guitar ProThis exceptional app from Arobas Music is the easiest way to edit and arrange your guitar tabs. Grab files from the web, iTunes or email — no more photocopying! — then build a library you can access anytime and anywhere. Robust multitrack functions, a countdown and metronome, looping, and even PDF exports are just a few key features. You can even set up on-the-fly tempo changes and transpositions. They really thought of it all with this program.

AirTurn Pedal — Trying to turn the page with the touchscreen is a bummer, and it will definitely throw off your rhythm. Don’t stop the music — get the AirTurn Pedal. With this simple pedal (which connects easily via Bluetooth), you can turn the page with your foot instead of stopping to use your hand. A battery life with an extra-impressive 100 hours of standby makes sure you can keep the music flowing all week long.

Perch M Stand — This heavenly setup isn’t complete without the Perch M Stand for iPad. You can’t look cool — and your music probably won’t sound too great — if you’re trying to read off the iPad while it’s cradled in your lap or face-up on a table. Perch M puts the iPad at just the right position for a seated guitarist. Its legs can fit underneath tables and furniture, so that’s a bonus. And the viewing angle can be customized with a quick tug. You can’t ask for too much more when it comes to a perfectly-positioned iPad.

Have any other essential apps or must-have accessories for guitar players? Let us know and maybe we can add to the list!

Worth Its Weight in Gold – Perch S at the Jewelry Store


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Continuing our survey of worthwhile uses for the Perch, this entry takes a peek inside a popular year-round destination: the jewelry store. Jewelers, gemologists, and gemstone merchants have a fascinating and complex product, to the point that the finer points of their merchandise are sometimes a challenge to properly communicate to customers. How do you best inform customers on the ins and outs of choosing the jewelry piece that’s right for them? Our answer is Perch S.

Perch S is the smallest member of our Perch family of iPad and iPad 2 stands, and it’s the perfect size for tabletops and countertops. That would include the jewelry countertop, where an iPad can function as a prominent interactive kiosk right alongside the merchandise.


As an impressive, interactive, and multimedia companion piece to traditional hands-on service, the iPad/iPad 2 and Perch S could really help deliver what jewelry store customers need to make an informed decision on their important purchase.

Here’s just a few ideas we had for what Perch S and the iPad could visually present to customers, either through website content, interactive apps, videos, or slideshows:

  • Diamond certification — what’s the difference between GIA, IGI, HRD, and EGL? Why is a certificate important? Scan an actual certificate to show customers what exactly to look for.
  • Clarity, color, carat, cut — how can customers best understand and choose between the 4 C’s of diamond evaluation? Customers could be exposed to images of different diamond cuts or a graph indicating the range of clarities, for just two examples.
  • Gemstones — beyond diamonds, what other gemstones are available? How would gemstones look paired with other gemstones?
  • Jewelry pieces — give customers an idea of what jewelry pieces work best with what gemstones through an interactive app or slideshow. How would the same diamond look in a necklace versus a bracelet, et cetera?
  • Inventory — a natural use for the Perch S and iPad is as an interactive inventory where customers can browse your full range of products, view close-ups of jewelry, and consider specifications and price.
  • Additional services — do you offer ring re-sizing? Custom engraving? Pearl restringing? Timepiece repair? Tell your customers about it with an iPad kiosk.What other uses can you think of for the Perch S iPad/iPad 2 Stand ? Let us know!

Have any other ideas to share? We’d love to hear from you.

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Three Sizes Fit All – Perch iPad Stands and Fashion Boutiques


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Perch at DSSENT

No doubt you’re back into the swing of things after the holidays. Inspired by the retail therapy we did ourselves during the holidays — and some of the malls and boutique stores we visited — we have a great idea to share that caught our attention.

Clothing stores, iPads and IPEVO’s Perch family of stands.

Sound far-fetched? We don’t think so, especially for retailers and shop owners (particularly high-end boutique owners) looking to gain an edge over the competition and add a whole lot of “wow” to their visitors’ experience.

If you’re not familiar with Perch, Perch comes in three sizesS for tabletops, M for seated users, and L for standing users. It securely and easily holds either iPad or iPad 2 (depending on which version you select) so users can enjoy hands-free operation at the perfect height.

Perch Family

Clothing and accessories are one type of product that could really benefit from increased customer knowledge and awareness. With Perch and the iPad, you have a fully interactive information center and kiosk — as customers step into the store, at the checkout desk, outside the fitting room, or while shopping among racks or displays. What value can you add to the shopping experience with iPad and Perch? We asked ourselves that same question, and here are just a few possibilities we came up with for what customers could do:

  • Interact with a presentation/app giving them a “crash course” in determining their body type and what kinds of clothing look best on them in general
  • Get exposed to style tips, including tips to accessorize based on what accessories are available in-store
  • Take a look at the specifications, fabric type, or other distinguishing qualities of clothing and accessories they’re considering, along with price
  • Watch interviews with designers or style consultants, runway footage, or other multimedia
    content that could help them make a selection
  • Discover clothing and color combinations that would work well together via an image gallery or slideshow, or via an interactive mix-and-match style app.
  • Become aware of specials, discounts, new arrivals, and other in-store promotions

And one final thought: Perch’s thin profile and light weight make it a versatile, portable addition that won’t get in the way of the real star of the show: the clothing!

Have any other ideas to share? We’d love to hear from you.

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