IPEVO’s Back to School Special, Part 2


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Back to School

We’re back with the second part of our Back to School Special. Here’s more that will interest educators and parents. Got iPad? We’ve Got iPad Accessories iPad continues to make inroads into education, and we have everything you need to make the most of everyone’s favorite tablet. For two examples, check out the Perch Desktop Stand (which is a great stand to hold iPad in place for stop motion video projects) and the Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard. Typing is a great skill for young learners to develop, and many educators have reported success teaching typing with this versatile three-in-one case, stand and keyboard.

Perch and Typi

Back-to-School Sale: the PV-01 Save money with our sale for the PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad. With many cases, your only option is landscape orientation. But with PV-01, just give the inside case a twist to enjoy both landscape and portrait modes. Normally $26.00, PV-01 in four classy colors is now available for just $12.99! Don’t leave your valuable iPad unprotected: take a spin with the PV-01.

PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad

PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad

Exclusive Amazon PadPillow Deal, Plus $3 Coupon Attention deal hunters: we’re pleased to announce a special offer on Amazon for our extremely popular PadPillow Pillow Stand. The stand that conforms to your body (or bed, or chair, or carpet) for comfy iPad sessions is selling for just $24.95. PLUS: Check out this $3 off Amazon coupon through Facebook.

Use both and pay just $21.95. And while you’re on Facebook, Like us, please!

Amazon Special Amazon Special

Knowledge is Power for Back to School
There are several resources available on the web with handy tips and tricks so you can make the most out of IPEVO products in your classroom. Many such tips have been culled straight from educators. Check out some of these links for ideas and inspiration:
WS-01 Wireless Station
Ziggi-HD USB Document Camera
Point 2 View USB Document Camera
IPEVO Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard for iPad 4, 3 and 2 PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad
Remember: IPEVO is ready to be your back-to-school partner. Best of luck in the coming year, and let’s change education for the better a little bit at a time.

Easy-to-Use Desktop Magnifier? IPEVO Has the Solution


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We recently released the WS-01 Wireless Station on the IPEVO Online Store. The short summary on this product is that it can help your document camera (like Ziggi or the Point 2 View) communicate wirelessly with your iPad. For teachers and businesspeople in need of a doc cam/iPad combo, it’s the perfect fit.

We also wanted to share a new way to use the WS-01, Ziggi/P2V and iPad setup: as a desktop magnifier. You might also known this as a distance reader or electronic magnifier. Whether as a solution for the visually impaired, as a way to present text for a group of people, or just because you want to reduce eye strain from long sessions, reading a blown-up physical document on the iPad makes sense in a lot of contexts. With iPad, IPEVO products can deliver a quality desktop magnifier for not a lot of money. There is a certain desktop magnifier out there for education and the visually impaired which a) is very bulky and cumbersome, and b) literally costs thousands of dollars. The IPEVO solution is definitely neither of those!

The missing ingredient we haven’t talked about is IPEVO Whiteboard. This free iPad app gives you a way to annotate your doc cam’s video stream in real time — draw lines, highlight, add text boxes, and more. But Whiteboard also allows you to zoom in (i.e. make the text much bigger) as well as focus on a particular part of the image. Whiteboard even allows you to save your images as “boards” which you can then add to your Photo Library or send to Evernote.

With your iPad, the new WS-01 Wireless Station, and either Ziggi or the Point 2 View, you’ll have a functional desktop magnifier at just a fraction of the cost of “the big boys” — and that’s in addition to all the other doc cam uses we’ve told you about in previous entries. Intrigued? Check out the WS-01 Wireless Station page. You don’t have to pay a small fortune for distance reading and doc magnifying. IPEVO has you covered.

Educate and Annotate — Turn your iPad into an Interactive Whiteboard


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In our previous entry, we introduced the WS-01 Wireless Station for iPad. It allows your IPEVO doc cam (Ziggi or Point 2 View) to wirelessly stream to iPad. And a key part of that equation is the IPEVO Whiteboard app. You can get it for free from the Apple App Store. In this entry, we’ll share all the exciting possibilities for what this versatile app can do.

Whiteboard displays the high-resolution real-time video from your doc cam. But importantly, it also allows you to annotate that video. What do we mean by annotate? You can add emphasis, highlights, multiple colors, shapes, text boxes, and pointers — you know, all the interactive elements that enhance learning for your students or audience as you go along. And these are all accomplished with a simple touchscreen toolkit.

Let’s run down a list of the specifics:

  • Two freehand drawing tools, each with 16 different colors (8 solids, 8 translucents)
  • Arrows and straight lines with 8 colors
  • Ovals and squares with 8 colors
  • Editable text boxes which can become larger and smaller
  • An Eraser tool to clear your drawings
  • One-touch undo and redo, along with a Clear All function

Whether it’s highlighting a literature passage, stepping your students through a science diagram, or pointing out key points of interest in everything from maps to mathematics to Monet, chances are you’ll find a ton of uses for an easy-to-use interactive whiteboard.

Two more things to mention. Annotation doesn’t stop at just your doc cam image. You can create multiple “boards” and switch between them. These boards can use multiple backgrounds, including an image from your iPad’s Photo Library, the iPad camera feed itself, or simply a blank white canvas. Secondly, Whiteboard features integrated Evernote support. You can send drawn boards directly to your Evernote account to share or refer to later.

All in all, Whiteboard delivers plenty of smart utility for teachers, lecturers and presenters — all at no charge. Check out the Whiteboard page for more information on how to transform your iPad into an interactive whiteboard.

Wireless Streaming from Your Doc Cam to iPad? Now It’s Possible


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IPEVO document cameras including the Point 2 View and Ziggi have won over teachers and businesspeople around the world. Now we are pleased to present a great new way to use your doc cam: wirelessly with your iPad! With the WS-01 Wireless Station for iPad, you can stream real-time video right to your iPad.

The WS-01 is a compact device that communicates via your existing Wi-Fi network. Plug your IPEVO doc cam into WS-01, and then download the free IPEVO Whiteboard app onto your iPad. (We devote the blog next entry to Whiteboard, so check it out.) Whiteboard will communicate with WS-01, and you’ll stream high-resolution images in real time to your iPad, wirelessly.

WS-01 also works with PC or Mac via a special “Live-view” mode in your internet browser, so no matter which computer you choose, you’ll enjoy wireless streaming convenience. WS-01 can even connect your device to the internet all by itself.

Let’s talk about what’s possible with the iPad + WS-01 + Doc Cam setup. We’ll save the specifics of Whiteboard for our next entry, but basically the app allows you to draw on and add text to your doc cam image. In other words, WS-01 and Whiteboard turn your iPad into a portable interactive whiteboard. From there, you can project video and annotations onto the big screen via a wired VGA connection to your projector. Or, you can use Apple TV to project your video and annotations wirelessly.

For lectures, demonstrations and presentations, this setup is a complete teaching solution for everything from literature to art to science to business. Now your interactive whiteboard can be held in one hand. Pretty cool, huh? We think so! If all that wasn’t enough, here’s one more bonus. The WS-01 can also be used as an SD card reader and USB disk drive. You can save and manage files — wirelessly — with simple browser-based file management.

Check out the WS-01 page for more information on how to unlock the true potential of your doc cam and iPad with the Wireless Station.